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Rosewood Neroli Body Oil [SAMPLE]
Rosewood Neroli Body Oil

Product Benefits:

*Note: We use 100% pure and organic rosewood from a source in Brazil that is harvested in an ethical and sustainable manner. However, despite this, we feel rosewood is being over harvested and will be reformulating this product in the near future.

  • Provides daily hydration
  • Natural aphrodisiac
  • Calming and restorative aromatherapy properties
  • Luxurious soft and silky skin
  • Exotic sensual notes with a fresh citrus scent

Our Rosewood Neroli Body Oil promotes a deep energetic balancing. With exotic sensual notes and a fresh citrus scent, it leaves skin feeling nourished, revitalized, and protected. A luxurious blend of phyto-rich oils keep skin soft and silky while the warm, woodsy aromatherapeutic qualties provide comfort. Good for all skin types.

Ingredient highlights:

Rosewood’s spicy, floral, woodsy aroma is known to relieve feelings of grief and sadness, and instill calm. Commonly found in perfumes, it contains many lesser know medicinal properties such as high levels of antibacterial alpha-pinene as well as chemical compounds that stimulate tissue regeneration. It’s also a fantastic aphrodisiac.

Cedarwood’s rich and comforting aroma promotes stability, grounding, and endurance. It’s also believed to provide spiritual strength and abundance.

Pink Grapefruit’s light uplifting scent will refresh and energize your senses as well as reduce stress and tension. A beneficial phytonutrient that contains a high amount of vitamins A and C, minerals, and antioxidants, it stimulates the production of collagen that brings elasticity and smoothness to the skin.

Vetiver’s earthy woody spiciness has a cooling effect on the body and mind. It’s deeply grounding and often used for promoting sleep or putting the body at ease. It contains cicatrisant properties that speed up the eradication of scars and other marks on the skin. It also promotes the growth of new tissues, making it excellent for stretch marks and cellulite.
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Product Code: RNBO-SAMPLE

Description Method of Use Ingredients

  • Certified organic, wild-crafted plant oils & herbs

  • 100% pure organic essential oils

  • Vegan

  • Non-GMO

  • Free of all synthetics & harsh chemicals

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