Read a Few Love Notes From Happy Clients

"I moved a week ago, and I haven’t had time to unpack most of my things. The only product in my bathroom cabinet for the past week is Vered’s Vitality Face Treatment Oil, because I can’t live without it. Vered created what is, to me, the holy grail of face oils. It makes my skin soft and glow-y, and the scent is heavenly. I also wear Vered’s Signature Scent, and spend all day smelling my wrists, because it’s so intoxicating. Vered is a botanical beauty sorceress!!!"

Lauren Fox - Breathwork healer, Reiki Master, Ritual Facilitator

"I won’t stop. I’ve been wearing the Signature scent for many years. I first met Vered while she was on vacation. Her energy was inspiring. The Signature scent contains that energy. It envelopes me with a calm preparedness that amplifies my own sense of self. It has become my own signature scent, as friends will tell me they love how I smell. I feel my strength completely when I wear my signature scent. Thank you Vered."

Bill Thompson - Thompson Giroux Gallery; Owner

"I love Vered’s Vitality Face Oil. The scent is divine – like nothing else – and it calms my whole system when I put it on. It moisturizes beautifully and absorbs quickly into the skin without feeling greasy. I have tried many oils, and this is my favorite. It’s very special."

Ryan Haddon - Spiritual Life Coach & Clinical Hypnotherapist

"I used to apply all these different lotions on my face, until I discovered Vered. Now, It’s only Vered, morning and night. I LOVE the Therapeutic Balancing Face Oil. It gives my skin a beautiful healthy glow and it feels like absolute luxury – the smell is divine!"

Nataly Kogan - Author of “Happier Now” & Keynote Speaker Artist

"Vered’s products have always felt special to me. The combination of ultra-potent ingredients with therapeutic scents make this brand very special. Vered’s perfumes in particular are beautiful and transformative. They’ll always have a place in my life."

Mercedes PhD - Independent Beauty Journalist & Podcaster

"There are few things I can’t live without and Vered is one of them! I travel to wild inaccessible places all over the world, without modern amenities, electricity, wifi, food options, I adapt easily and can live without most things, BUT I can’t live without my Vered. I’ve been hooked for a decade! Honestly I love all of Vered’s products! the cleanser is so yummy, with a silky cleansing yet not drying. The toner, ohhh the toner. We joke that I drink that stuff because I go through it too fast, basically bath in it lol. I also mix it with my recent new obsession, the detox mask that I regularly spot treat with to save my skin’s summer breakouts. And last, the vitality oil. Honestly the only oil that’s ever felt perfect on my skin and is keeping me young... Thank you Vered for creating the most outstanding products with so much love, genius, magic, and integrity."

– Monique Mantell - Artist/Painter

"I carry Vered's scents with me everywhere I go. They have become part of my DNA. I love all of them and I don't feel myself without a spritz. They are light but lasting. I love perfume but can no longer tolerate any chemical scents. They are both seductive and incredibly sophisticated. They are a next level vibration just like their creator."

– Bethany Ball - Writer

"Stimulating, hydrating, sensual, orgainc, intoxicating scents. I could go on and on about Vered's botanical oils. The Vitality Face Treatment Oil and Herb-Infused toner are now a part of my daily routine. The Essential Eye Treatment Oil is a must have for travel and I adore the Signature Scent Luxury Body Oil. Vered's products heal you from the inside out. What more could you ask for? The Sacred Love Oil...Thank you! "

– Gigi Stoll - Photographer: portraits, humanitarian and fine art photography.

"Vered's scents are sublime. From sweet to sultry to sexy and back, I love wearing anything Vered creates. "

– Elena Brower - Author- spiritual teacher- cultivating spiritual intelligence

"I'm obsessed with Vered Organic Botanicals skin care. The Vitality Face Treatment Oil is amazing in color, texture, smell. I'm in love!!! Thank you Vered for this beautiful gift."

– Tatum Oneal

"I can not thank you enough for your creations of the Toner and the Therapeutic Balancing Oil. I want to express my appreciation for your creation of a miracle cure for my combination skin. I always thought that I would grow out of break-outs and it was not until I started using your therapeutic oil that I have prevented the major cystic and occasional pimples that have plagued my face. Even hormone related blemishes have been held at bay with your amazing oil. The toner has also been a refreshing addition to my face washing ritual. So love your line! The organic and clean nature of you entire product collection makes me feel even better using everything!"

XO, Jeanne Yang

"Working in the Creative + Advertising Industry for 20+ years, I've traveled the world with top professionals in Beauty, Fashion and Technology.

Looking, and feeling great is paramount to me doing my best while at work, or in daily life.
Two of Vered's products have proven to be my secret in keeping my 46 year old self looking like I've drunk from the Fountain of Youth... or that secret potion from the film Death Becomes Her....

First: Vered's Anti-Wrinkle Eye Treatment
As a Traveling Man this is my preventative solution - before I get on the plane, and after, it keeps my eye area looking fresh and defeats the dry puffy airplane eye!

Second: Vered's Anti-aging Face Oil.... Trust me on this one...dudes
I never thought an oil would work for me...but this bottled Elixir is my total secret weapon. It's protection before a flight, healing after landing, soothing before bed, and terrific when you had a bit too much the night before!

In short, I can't live without Vered. Stellar woman, and products."

Amir Zia

"I suffered from acne prone skin all my life and anything chemical based was too harsh on my sensitive skin. I started using the Therapeutic Balancing oil along with the Herb infused toner and not only did my acne clear up, my dark spots were diminishing and my overall skin tone began to balance out. The best part of Vered's products are the herb's healing properties combined with the luxurious sensual smells of the Therapeutic Essential Oils, leaving you with a sense of healing for both body and mind. As a Social Worker I spent time working with the elderly using fragrance/music therapy to help seniors suffering from depression, I used some of Vered’s perfumes/Essential Oils and it was amazing to see their moods shift, the scents help to sooth and calm their emotions. Vered's knowledge, dedication and expertise in herbal skin care is what makes Vered Organic Botanical's so unique and refreshing."

–Jennifer Buljan

“I have been in love with Vered's organic botanicals for a long time! The products are pure and the formulas smart, an important combination we find in excellent products. I travel often and learned not leave home without the Rosewood Neroli body oil to help my sensitive skin. One of my favorite once a week ritual is the clarifying detox mask, it is a must have necessity, followed by a luxurious application of the Anti-Aging Face Treatment Oil. And of course I am addicted to the sophisticated yet delicate essential oil, the Signature Scent Perfume!”

– Dohrea
President of BioImmersion Inc.

Tina Bech Lipman

"Having been in the beauty industry for 20 years as a make up artist, I have come across many products. I absolutely love beauty products, its been one of those many advantages i have had in my profession that products are given to me to try out.

I have known Vered for several years and I was very excited to say the least when she created her own line. Before even trying any of her products i knew it would be special. Her dedication to live a life as healthy as possible,but yet give women or men for that matter, a chance to feel beautiful and sexy was very appealing.

I am now addicted ! my skin has improved tremendously, and as much as I was afraid to put oil onto my skin,I now rely on it. Not only the quality and the amazing properties the products smells fantastic ! I highly recommend this for any of my clients."

– Tina Bech Lipman

Virginia Stevenson

"Using Vered Organic Botanicals is like relishing a fresh organic peach; you just can't believe that something so natural and uncomplicated and can be so luxurious. It's just incredible how Vered is able to create such effective skin care that is so close to the earth. She pours herself into the products and they are as revitalizing and pure as she is."

– Virginia Stevenson

Great Jones Spa

“At Great Jones Spa we are always looking for the best, healthiest ingredients in products to use professionally and at retail. These products need to be results driven and we are always looking for companies that have the same holistic values that we have here at the spa.

Several years ago, when I met Vered, I saw these qualities in her and was instantly intrigued. As an esthetician, I was so impressed by how she cared for her own clients, whereby, her service didn't’t end after the hour treatment; she went above and beyond in recommending to her clients how they take care of themselves at home, through nutrition, skin care, and exercise.

When Vered introduced her line, first, what was most interesting to me was the different scents in her products and how they affect the psyche. Secondly, the performance of the products for acne, inflamed, and aging skin were truly amazing. Her attention to detail in crafting this line is superb.

When you meet Vered, inhale her handcrafted organic products, and apply them onto your skin you will fall in love!”

– Karen Terranova
General Manager/Esthetician


"Exquisite, refreshing and delicious...also healing."

– Jihae (Artist)


"My skin hit an all time low last winter. I tried several treatments and products hoping they'd help, but my unsuccessful attempts just left me feeling helpless. I was about to give up, but just then a major tv network contacted me asking to do a wonderful feature on me. Just to put this in perspective, I almost turned this down because I was so embarrassed about my skin. I frantically researched skin products in hopes of finding a miracle. It was then that I found Vered's products. I started using them and I was truly in shock by the results that I not only saw, but felt immediately! And not just me, everyone freaked out with what they saw. And smelled! Orgasm in a bottle... That's all I have to say! Needless to say, I was able to shoot the program immediately, and my skin has been practically flawless ever since! I honestly still can't believe what I see when I look in the mirror, bare skin and all! Vered's products truly changed my life and I'm beyond grateful (and addicted!). Thank you!"

– Monique Mantell

Joan Horton

"I have been using the anti-aging oil and the herbal oil toner, there seems to be a clarity to my face. That somehow resembles 'falling in love' although there is no one in sight! I like it... people are actually commenting on my skin without any make up! Now if it can find a man... I would patent it!"

– Joan Horton
President of the Horton Group NYC


"As a woman in my 30s that lives in a sun kissed country and never misses an opportunity to worship its rays, I began to see the souvenirs all this tanning was leaving on my skin. It’s as if all those carefree years in a bikini where suddenly marking their territory with their own little flags in the form of wrinkles, sun spots, freckles, beauty marks (the list goes on).

What was I to do, when every brief encounter I had with various recommended creams, lotions and potions left me feeling like most speedy affairs: disappointed, empty and unsatisfied! Thankfully a talented woman I have long admired and believed in came to my rescue, by deciding to create her own line of unique products, named after her ‘Vered’.

Words printed on a page or uploaded on a site will not do justice to the world of smells and textures Vered has managed to enclose in her elegant packaging. Her anti-aging oil, was the declaration of war on marks of time that I had been looking for. It glided smoothly on my skin and began the work of canceling all the sleep deprivation, junk food and generally poor lifestyle I’d inflicted on my skin over the years. Her signature scent was simply…sexy. The aroma from the small bottle transported me to warmth, sensuality and all things feminine.

I then realized that it’s not coincidental that these oils melt and felt so good, Vered has been an expert facialist for years and I'm sure working with all those other products, she longed for the day when she would combine her years of knowledge and experience into her own line that would satisfy her perfectionist high standards. While I was doing everything I could do damage my skin, she was studying and practicing the art of green herbalism: mixing essential oils, with different pure minerals, vegetable, fruit, and plant extracts that provide the body and mind with a much needed, highly therapeutic boost that I'm sure will have just that effect on you when you have the pleasure of trying them."

– Elena Panayides

Vered has always been a wealth of great information in regards to my skin and health. She kept my skin glowing through my pregnancy with her facials and essential oils that I then used at home. I love all of her products, and would recommend them to anyone!

– Lyndsay Koestler, 30

– Tina Lipman

I had what was literally the most effective facial of my life. Vered, the sensational facialist has been performing facial treatments for 18 years. Growing up in Israel, she learned the basics, and has gradually become true guru, an expert in the field. Vered, began my facial by paying very close attention to my skin and it’s needs. She discussed diet and lifestyle with me and offered her experience and suggestions. I never felt like Vered was at all condescending – something I have often found with other facialists who say things like “Your skin is damaged” Or “You wear the wrong makeup”. She also clearly knew her trade, and while she steamed, exfoliated, masked, and performed extractions, I could relax, knowing that I was in good hands. This was an exceptionally relaxing treatment, I even found myself drifting off to sleep at one point. However, to me the real test of a good facial is the effect on my skin days after. I was literally glowing and my pores were so clean and skin-tone so bright that I got compliments for days, as well as girlfriends asking where I had gotten such a fabulous facial.

– Gretchen Foulk, Beauty Editor

My dewy-faced facialist Vered (Hebrew for rose) – who rather resembles a former Miss Universe – leads me back to the treatment area, a dark space about the size of well, an East Village room (or, to the rest of the country, a walk in closet). As I recline to the sounds of Portishead (yessss! Anything but Pure Moods), she inspects my face. “ Your breathing is shallow”, Vered says grimly, “Your very stressed out”. This, of course, stresses me out even more – until my face is massaged with a seemingly endless sequence of calming aromatic potions. Afterwards, my zoned out, baby-ass-faced self is so convinced of the healing power of organics I speed walked to the nearest health food store and frenziedly buy vitamins and raw snacks. And thus begins the next phase of my experiment: trying to have organic skin for a week. This means none of my usual arsenal of products designed for skin two decades older than mine, or my beloved contraband Anthelios sunscreen from Europe. (“The chemicals in sunscreen cause cancer, Vered claims ”). I have a stressful week, I eat lots of pizza, and I don’t feel very organic. I head to the Mercury lounge to see a band play. With just one problem: I’ve forgotten my ID. The notoriously bulldog-tough door-women takes one look at me: and “ There’s no way your getting in, missy,” she snarls. “ You look 12.” Mission accomplished.

– Eviana Hartman, Editor, Nylon Magazine
(This review has edited due to the length of the article)

Hi Vered,

Now, why on earth would women spend on a day & night cream when they can get a day night face oil:

Really, combination skins can choose either I say...

But, for me, you were right – I do have expensive taste as the anti-aging oil has won me over. Again, it’s your Rosewood, Jasmine, Vanilla that steals the scented these deeper blends...

Happy Friday!

And, thank you, really again for my Rosewood Neroli oil...I’m so in love with its’s my new fave!