Meet Vered Back, master herbalist, aromatherapist, esthetician and artisanal perfumer.

27 years of experience focusing on a variety of holistic modalities

Vered is known for her healing hands and transportive treatments. New York City editors and loyal clients alike describe her work as more of a spiritual experience than a facial.

Since the age of eighteen, when she acquired her aesthetic license in Tel Aviv, Israel, Vered was drawn toward holistic healing and was quick to include alternative modalities in her practice. She’s certified in aesthetics, shiatsu, cupping, aromatherapy, and herbal medicine.

The inception of VERED organic botanicals was due to the urging of her private clients. After a facial, Vered would send them home with a small bottle of their remaining customized potion to prolong their experience. The feedback was always the same: the blend not only maintained a glow to the skin, but also reduced stress and brought an immediate sense of well-being. They begged her to bottle these oil blends so they could use them on a daily basis.

The true motivation, however, came from Vered’s health challenges (eventually diagnosed as Chronic Lyme’s Disease). After eight years of struggling with pain and a variety of other debilitating symptoms that doctors repeatedly dismissed, Vered understood that her path was to heal herself. She started practicing the alternative healing treatments she’d mastered on her own body. Soon enough, she experienced the positive effects of her herbal extracts and remedies, and her health began to improve.

Empowered, Vered recognized this as a pivotal moment in the true manifestation of her company – integrating the holistic science of aromatherapy with the alchemy of her handcrafted medicinal plant extracts to produce a deeply vibrant, nourishing, and efficacious product line.

Today Vered dedicates her time to her company, research, consulting, and inspiring women to take their health in their own hands. She continues to be an advocate of holistic healing and encourages everyone to listen to their innate intuitive self. Her lifelong goal is to teach women the power of herbs and essential oils for our mental, physical and spiritual health. After all, the skin is simply a reflection of what’s going on inside the body. Heal the body and the skin will glow.

VERED organic botanicals – where luxury and eco-consciousness meet.